A Message from New York State Builders Association

New York State Code Council Votes Down Mandate in New Homes and Townhouses

After a long and drawn out four year process, the New York State Code Council voted down a proposed mandate to install fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes and townhouses in New York State.

This puts New York State in line with 47 other states in the U.S. who have decided against instituting a mandate that would added between $10,000 to $20,000 to the cost of new home. This mandate would have created an insurmountable roadblock, preventing everyone in this state from participating in the American Dream.

NYSBA, and all of our members, will continue to encourage all home buyers to install fire sprinklers in their new homes.  That is why we worked so hard last year to get a law in place that requires home builders to present prospective home buyers with information on the benefits and costs of installing fire sprinklers in their new homes. This law makes us the biggest promoters of fire sprinklers in New York State. Something we are very proud of.

We would like to thank all of the members and local executive officers who worked so hard to help defeat this mandate.  This was truly a team effort.  Some of those individuals include: Annemarie Mitchell, Mark Barbato, Pam Krison, John Hofelich, Todd Stewart, Rick Herman, Brook Greenhouse,  and the countless members who filled out (numerous) voter voice alert and sent in letters.  We could not have accomplished this without all of your work!

A special thanks also goes out to the two members who represented us on the Code Council during these four years — Bob Hankin and Bill Tuyn.  Both men advocated long and hard for our industry and helped steer the Code Council towards a common sense approach on fire sprinklers and many other issues.