Highlight July 18-21 and 25-28 in your calendar for the 2019 Horizons Tour of Homes! 

2019’s Tour will be bigger and better than ever. With more builders and houses spread across Erie county, there’s sure to be something for everyone hoping to find the home of their dreams. The Horizons Tour of Homes features WNY’s finest home builders showcasing luxury homes throughout Erie County. With the use of the Parade Craze app, you’ll be able to map out the homes, see color photos and plans, and interact with the builders through social media. Email us at jretzlaff@conexbuff.com to learn more.

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                                        2019 HORIZONS TOUR OF HOMES MAP 










2023 William Morehouse Scholarship Application

WILLIAM MOREHOUSE SCHOLARSHIP NOW AVAILABLE-DEADLINE 4/12/23 Application Instructions Picture Instructions and Form Click Here for 1st Time Applicant Click Here for Returning Applicant What is the William Morehouse Scholarship? This Scholarship is a “matching funds” scholarship program administered by the New York State Builders Association Research and Education Foundation (NYSBA REF). NYSBA is committed to […]

All about self-knowledge

The Brain Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame in Washington has named genes that evolve to “make” mice find stimulants and avoid encounters with predators. A paper describing the work has been published in the scientific journal Nature. During the tumultuous evolution of primates, which were replaced by rats and mice, prosthetic nerve […]

10 Tips for a Smooth Home Remodel

Follow these 10 tips when you embark on an exciting home remodeling project. Establish effective two-way communication with the home remodeler. It’s essential to have good communication for a smooth home remodeling project. Does the remodeler listen? Does he or she answer questions clearly and candidly? Can you reach him when you need to? Does he […]