Our Mission: The Buffalo Niagara Builders Association, is the voice of builders, developers and associated industries. We advocate for choice in your housing, economic growth, and quality of life in your community.

Our Members: Our builder members include small, medium and large volume home builders, commercial builders, developers and remodelers. Associate/institutional members are professionals and trades people who work with and support our industry, including subcontractors, architects, engineers, building materials suppliers, Realtors, bankers, attorneys and many others. 3 and 1 Membership in our local association automatically includes membership in NYSBA and in NAHB.


ACTION NEEDED-Climate Act Movement

NOTICE-Please show your support in this effort to show legislation that you support the use of natural gas. According to the New York’s Climate Act 2019 decarbonizing policy, it is outlined that electric may be the sole energy provider and gas will not offered as a second source. There is a Draft Scoping Plan that has been released by the state’s Climate Action Council for these targeted goals. We know how drastic this can effect the home building industry not to mention support industries. Appliances for home and water heating, cooking and laundry will all be effected.

This plan proposes converting nearly everything to electric power, relying on new wind and solar energy to replace natural gas. We need to act now and let our legislation know the importance of keeping natural gas as an energy source.

Please sign the letter in the following attachment to show your support.  Click HERE

Written comments can be submitted through July 1st, changed from June 10, 2022. 

1. Online     using the public comment form at:https://nyserda.seamlessdocs.com/f/DraftScopingComments 

2. Email       written testimony to: scopingplan@nyserda.ny.gov

3. Us Mail    Attention Draft Scoping Plan Comments: NYSERDA, 17 Columbia Circle,    Albany NY 12203-6399




Click here to watch Impact Study Video

This video won Best Learning Video from the Brandon Hall Group. Bullettproof paired with Dr. Elliott Eisenberg, PH. D, did an amazing job incorporating what the BNBA wanted to regarding Home building in this area. Click on the logo above to learn more about the award.

The Buffalo Niagara  Builders Association worked diligently on putting together information in a form that will help you understand what impact housing in the Buffalo Niagara Metro area has on every day life.

This informative video has put together the economical statistics of the chain starting with building a home to the impact in the specific area of Metro Buffalo. Well known Economist, EIliot Eisenberg explains this in detail in a short video.

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